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ArcelorMittal Aktien News

15.02.21ArcelorMittal announces share buyback program (GlobeNewswire)
11.02.21Lakshmi N. Mittal to become Executive Chairman; Aditya Mittal appointed Chief Executive Officer (GlobeNewswire)
09.02.21ArcelorMittal announces sale of 40 million common shares in Cleveland-Cliffs for gross proceeds of $651.6 million (GlobeNewswire)
28.01.21ArcelorMittal announces the publication of fourth quarter 2020 Ebitda sell-side analyst consensus figures (GlobeNewswire)
26.01.21Société Générale SA shareholding notification (GlobeNewswire)
08.01.21Société Générale SA shareholding notification (GlobeNewswire)
05.01.21Société Générale SA shareholding notification (GlobeNewswire)
30.12.20Société Générale SA shareholding notification (GlobeNewswire)
24.12.20Société Générale SA shareholding notification (GlobeNewswire)
22.12.20ArcelorMittal extends conversion date for $1bn mandatory convertible bond (GlobeNewswire)
15.12.20ArcelorMittal Enters into Separate, Privately Negotiated Agreements with Certain Holders of its 5.50% Mandatorily Convertible Subordinated Notes due 2023 (GlobeNewswire)
11.12.20ArcelorMittal signs investment agreement with Invitalia (GlobeNewswire)
09.12.20ArcelorMittal completes sale of ArcelorMittal USA to Cleveland-Cliffs (GlobeNewswire)
07.12.20ArcelorMittal announces financial calendar for 2021 (GlobeNewswire)
27.11.20Société Générale SA shareholding notification (GlobeNewswire)
25.11.20Société Générale SA shareholding notification (GlobeNewswire)
12.11.20Société Générale SA shareholding notification (GlobeNewswire)
02.11.20ArcelorMittal announces the completion of its share buyback program (GlobeNewswire)
23.10.20ArcelorMittal announces the publication of third quarter 2020 Ebitda sell-side analyst consensus figures (GlobeNewswire)
14.10.20ArcelorMittal Announces Results of Invitation for Offers to Sell for Cash up to the Maximum Acceptance Amount of its  €750,000,000 3.125% Notes due 14 Jan 2022 ('2022 Bonds') and €500,000,000 0.95% No (GlobeNewswire)
14.10.20ArcelorMittal Announces the Results of its Offer to Purchase for Cash Any and All of its 6.125% Notes due 2025 (GlobeNewswire)
13.10.20ArcelorMittal Europe to produce ’green steel’ starting in 2020: Hydrogen technologies at the heart of drive to lead the decarbonisation of the steel industry and deliver carbon-neutral steel (GlobeNewswire)
05.10.20ArcelorMittal Announces Invitation for Offers to Sell for Cash up to the Maximum Acceptance Amount of its EUR 750,000,000 3.125% Notes due 14 January 2022 and EUR 500,000,000 0.95% Notes due 17 Januar (GlobeNewswire)
05.10.20ArcelorMittal announces offer to purchase for cash any and all of its 6.125% Notes due 2025 (GlobeNewswire)
30.09.20ArcelorMittal sets 2050 group carbon emissions target of net zero (GlobeNewswire)
28.09.20ArcelorMittal announces share buyback program (GlobeNewswire)
28.09.20ArcelorMittal unlocks value through separation of integrated US assets and repositions its footprint in North America (GlobeNewswire)
27.08.20BlackRock Inc. shareholding notification (GlobeNewswire)
12.08.20ArcelorMittal announces intention to build an EAF at AM/NS Calvert (GlobeNewswire)
31.07.20ArcelorMittal announces publication of its 2020 half-year report (GlobeNewswire)
23.07.20ArcelorMittal announces the publication of second quarter 2020 Ebitda sell-side analyst consensus figures (GlobeNewswire)
30.06.20ArcelorMittal publishes its 2019 report on Payments to Governments in respect of Extractive Industries (GlobeNewswire)
25.06.20Société Générale SA shareholding notifications (GlobeNewswire)
25.06.20ArcelorMittal Europe sets out path to net zero by 2050, with pioneering technologies at the forefront of the company’s roadmap for carbon-neutral steelmaking (GlobeNewswire)
13.06.20The Annual General Meeting and Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders of ArcelorMittal (“General Meetings”) held today approved all resolutions by a strong majority. (GlobeNewswire)
27.05.20ArcelorMittal publishes 2019 integrated annual review (GlobeNewswire)
18.05.20BlackRock Inc. shareholding notification (GlobeNewswire)
14.05.20ArcelorMittal publishes convening notice for its Annual General Meeting and Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders (GlobeNewswire)
12.05.20ArcelorMittal prices USD 2.0 billion common shares and mandatorily convertible subordinated notes offerings (GlobeNewswire)
11.05.20ArcelorMittal announces proposed common shares and mandatorily convertible subordinated notes offerings in an expected total amount of USD 2.0 billion (GlobeNewswire)
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