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08.06.21SBTi-approval of Volvo Group's industry-leading climate targets (PR Newswire)
03.06.21Extraordinary General Meeting of AB Volvo (PR Newswire)
02.06.21Volvo Penta acquires majority stake in marine battery systems pioneer ZEM AS (PR Newswire)
01.06.21AB Volvo's Board of Directors proposes a distribution of the proceeds from the sale of UD Trucks (PR Newswire)
29.04.21Volvo Group and Daimler Truck AG fully committed to hydrogen-based fuel-cells - launch of new joint venture cellcentric (PR Newswire)
26.04.21Volvo Group invests in Designwerk Technologies AG to complement electromobility capabilities (PR Newswire)
22.04.21Volvo Group - the first quarter 2021 (PR Newswire)
20.04.21Volvo Trucks ready to electrify a large part of goods transports (PR Newswire)
14.04.21Save the date for the Volvo Group Capital Markets Day on November 11, 2021 (PR Newswire)
08.04.21Volvo Group and SSAB to collaborate on the world's first vehicles of fossil-free steel (PR Newswire)
30.03.21Volvo partners with Aurora to accelerate the deployment of autonomous transport solutions (PR Newswire)
24.03.21Volvo Group Venture Capital invests in supply chain visibility platform (PR Newswire)
23.03.21Renault Trucks to offer an electric range for each market segment from 2023 (PR Newswire)
16.03.21Volvo Group Venture Capital invests in EV charging software company (PR Newswire)
01.03.21Daimler Truck AG and the Volvo Group complete creation of fuel-cell joint venture: cellcentric (PR Newswire)
23.02.21DHL Freight and Volvo Trucks join forces to speed up transition to fossil free road transport on longer distances (PR Newswire)
03.02.21Volvo Group - the fourth quarter and full year 2020 (PR Newswire)
28.01.21The Volvo Group creates business area dedicated to accelerating electrification (PR Newswire)
20.01.21Invitation to the Volvo Group report on the fourth quarter 2020 (PR Newswire)
15.12.20H2Accelerate - new collaboration for zero emission hydrogen trucking at mass-market scale (PR Newswire)
04.12.20Volvo Trucks leads electrification of North American trucking industry with commercialization of Volvo VNR Electric model (PR Newswire)
01.12.20Volvo Group Venture Capital invests in digital service for shared truckloads (PR Newswire)
30.11.20New number of votes in AB Volvo (PR Newswire)
25.11.20Renault Trucks and Carlsberg Group together towards carbon neutral distribution (PR Newswire)
17.11.20Volvo Group Venture Capital invests in new marketplace for freight (PR Newswire)
05.11.20Volvo Group Capital Markets Day focused on the Group's strong position in electrification (PR Newswire)
05.11.20The Volvo Group launches green finance framework (PR Newswire)
05.11.20Volvo Trucks launches a complete range of electric trucks starting in Europe in 2021 (PR Newswire)
05.11.20The Volvo Group commits to the Science Based Targets initiative (PR Newswire)
02.11.20Joint venture for large-scale production of fuel-cells: Volvo Group and Daimler Truck AG sign binding agreement for new fuel-cell joint venture (PR Newswire)
30.10.20New number of votes in AB Volvo (PR Newswire)
30.10.20Volvo Group and Isuzu Motors sign final agreements to form strategic alliance (PR Newswire)
23.10.20Volvo Group Capital Markets Day 2020 (PR Newswire)
19.10.20Volvo Trucks Awarded $21.7M from U.S. EPA and South Coast AQMD to Deploy 70 Class 8 VNR Electric Zero-Emission Trucks (PR Newswire)
16.10.20Volvo Group - the third quarter 2020 (PR Newswire)
15.10.20The Volvo Group brings forward the report for the third quarter to October 16th, 2020 (PR Newswire)
13.10.20Research on how to keep feeding the planet while preserving wildlife rewarded with the Volvo Environment Prize 2020 (PR Newswire)
07.10.20Mack Trucks delivers Mack LR Electric model to Republic Services to begin real-world trials (PR Newswire)
06.10.20Invitation to the Volvo Group report on the third quarter 2020 (PR Newswire)
24.09.20Revolutionary Volvo Penta-powered electric fire trucks are on their way to customers (PR Newswire)
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Volvo (B) News

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