Planetarium Fund - Anthilia Red A Fonds

ISIN: LU0374938990
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Anthilia Red is a total return flexible fund which selects and invests in stocks with high potential not yet identified by the market in terms of revenues upside and margins expansion. Targets of the Fund are indeed undervalued companies with turn-around opportunities within industrial restructuring stories. The fund will concentrate on sectors where industry experience, analytical skills, sector process knowledge and management accountability are higher. The investment approach is based on fundamentals evaluated throughout a bottom-up analysis. The fund will approximately be scoped with thirty long equity positions and some short positions on futures/options to manage the exposure to equity risk. Mid-small caps will weight approximately 25% of the fund. Target return is 11% with a maximum VaR of 14%


Name Planetarium Fund - Anthilia Red A EUR Fonds
ISIN LU0374938990
Fondsgesellschaft Lemanik Asset Management S.A.
Benchmark Kein Benchmark
Ausschüttungsart Thesaurierend
Manager Paolo Rizzo
Domizil Luxembourg
Fondskategorie Gemischte
Auflagedatum 19.08.2008
Geschäftsjahr 31.12.
Sparplanfähig? Nein
VL-fähig? Nein
Depotbank BNP Paribas Securities Services (Lux)
Zahlstelle PKB Privatbank AG

Aktuelle Daten

Morningstar Rating
Aktueller Rücknahmepreis 152,14
Anzahl Fonds der Kategorie 296
Volumen der Tranche 18,56 Mio. EUR
Fondsvolumen 38,76 Mio. EUR
Total Expense Ratio (TER) 2,32


Depotbankgebühr 0,09%
Rücknahmegebühr 0,00%
Ausgabeaufschlag 2,50%


Auflagedatum 19.08.2008
Depotbank BNP Paribas Securities Services (Lux)
Zahlstelle PKB Privatbank AG
Domizil Luxembourg
Geschäftsjahr 31.12.


Veränderung Vortag -0,02
WE seit Jahresbeginn 7,79% Brokerage Brokerage



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