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22.09.21Filing of Pernod Ricard’s 2020/21 Universal Registration Document (Businesswire)
16.09.21Castle Brands Assumes Responsibility for Irish Distillers' Method and Madness Irish Whiskeys in the U.S. (PR Newswire)
19.05.21Heaven's Door Whiskey™ and Redbreast Irish Whiskey® Announce First Ever Collaboration: The Master Blenders' Edition (PR Newswire)
22.04.21Pernod Ricard: Excellent Q3 at +19%, marking return to Sales growth in 9M FY21 at +2% (Reported Sales: -4%) (Businesswire)
08.04.21Pernod Ricard North America Appoints Lani Montoya as Chief Human Resources Officer (PR Newswire)
11.02.21Pernod Ricard: H1 FY21 Confirms Sustainable Business Strength, With Growth Returning in Must-Win Domestic Markets USA, China and India (Businesswire)
27.11.20Pernod Ricard: Combined Shareholders’ Meeting of 27 November 2020 (Businesswire)
09.11.20Pernod Ricard: Availability of Preparatory Documents for the Combined General Meeting (Ordinary and Extraordinary Sessions) of 27 November 2020 (Businesswire)
09.11.20Photographer Sanja Marušic shoots Pernod Ricard’s 11th Carte Blanche campaign (Businesswire)
22.10.20Pernod Ricard: Encouraging Q1 FY21: -6% Organic Sales Decline (-10% Reported) Marked Improvement vs. Q4 FY20 Thanks to Partial On-Trade Reopening and Continued Brand Resilience in Off-Trade (Businesswire)
14.10.20The Pernod Ricard Corporate Foundation Will Open Its New Premises in the Heart of Paris on 6 February 2021 (Businesswire)
05.10.20Pernod Ricard is Recognized for Its Sustainability & Responsibility Progress (Businesswire)
29.09.20Pernod Ricard España Adds St. Petroni Vermouth to Its Portfolio (Businesswire)
29.09.20Pernod Ricard Successfully Completes A US$2.0 Billion Bond Issuance in Three Tranches (Businesswire)
23.09.20Filing of Pernod Ricard’s FY20 Universal Registration Document (Businesswire)
23.07.20Pernod Ricard: FY20 Guidance Updated1 to Reflect Business Activity: Profit From Recurring Operations Organic Decline of c. -15% (Businesswire)
01.07.20Beyond the Boycott: Pernod Ricard Calls on Brands to Engage With Consumers to Stop Hate Speech Online (Businesswire)
28.05.20Pernod Ricard Announces Partnership With the United Nations’ EducateAll Platform to Provide Free Sustainable and Responsible Bartending Training Online (Businesswire)
23.04.20Pernod Ricard: 9M FY20 Sales (Businesswire)
24.03.20Pernod Ricard: FY20 guidance1 reflecting updated COVID-19 assumptions: Profit from Recurring Operations organic decline of c. -20% (Businesswire)
07.11.19Changes To The Pernod Ricard Executive Committee (PR Newswire)
07.11.19Changes to the Pernod Ricard Executive Committee (Businesswire)
17.10.19Pernod Ricard: Q1 FY20 Sales (Businesswire)
09.10.19Pernod Ricard Completes Acquisition Of Castle Brands (PR Newswire)
09.10.19Pernod Ricard Completes Acquisition of Castle Brands (Businesswire)
09.10.19Pernod Ricard Completes Acquisition of Castle Brands (Businesswire)
29.08.19Pernod Ricard Continues to Refresh Its Board of Directors with the Appointment of Two New Independent Directors (Businesswire)
29.08.19Pernod Ricard: 2018/19 Full-year Sales and Results (Businesswire)
29.08.19Pernod Ricard to Acquire Castle Brands for $223 Million (Businesswire)
05.08.19Pernod Ricard Announces Acquisition of Firestone & Robertson Distilling Co., Owner of the TX Brand of Premium Whiskies (Businesswire)
11.07.19Pernod Ricard Executive Appointments Fiscal Year 2019/20 (Businesswire)
10.07.19Pernod Ricard’s First International Employee Shareholding Plan Is a Resounding Success (Businesswire)
20.06.19Pernod Ricard: Completion of the Acquisition of Italian Super-premium Gin Brand MALFY (Businesswire)
14.06.19Pernod Ricard Adds Bourbon to Its Portfolio with Super Premium Brand Rabbit Hole (Businesswire)
26.04.19Pernod Ricard launches its first employee share ownership plan, marking a new stage in its development (Businesswire)
18.04.19Pernod Ricard: Q3 FY19 Sales (Businesswire)
22.03.19Pernod Ricard Accelerates Its HR Transformation with the Global Rollout of Workday, Its New Digital Solution (Businesswire)
31.01.19Pernod Ricard launches first major global corporate campaign "Be A Convivialist!” (Businesswire)
18.10.18Pernod Ricard: Q1 FY19 Sales (Businesswire)
29.08.18Pernod Ricard: 2017/18 Full-year Sales and Results (Businesswire)
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